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Bannière – Domaine du Freyche

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The Domain of FREYCHE is located between a bend of the Dordogne River and a brook or an estey "Freyche , creating an island, "l'Ile de Carney". The island is rich in History. In Medieval Times, the island of Carney witnessed a bloody battle against the Sarrazins, Moor invaders who came to plunder the region in the 8th century and, much later, during the Hundred Years' War, against the English armies of King Edward III.

Gallo-Roman vestiges have been found; however it is believed that Lugon and the Island of Carney were, for a very long period, mostly an area devoted to agriculture and hunting,and sparesely populated. Until the Revolution of 1789, before docking at Libourne, ships often quarantined in the port of Lugon.

The Domain of Freyche was built in the later part of the 19th century. Initially a winery, it later became a cattle breeding farm, then turned into a riding school. Since 2004 it has become the Head office of our ecological bedding company, as well as our family residence. Starting in 2010 Guest rooms and an equestrian relay offer an attractive opportunity for a relaxing and enjoyable stay in a most scenic location. Positioned between two medieval Chateaux and amidst fields of sunflowers and corn, it is not rare to spot numerous deers running through the area.