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Bannière – Domaine du Freyche

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Classic Vehicles for rent

Rent a 1961 JAGUAR Mark 2

Allying refinement and speed, Jaguars,more than any other British make, have left their mark on the automotive History. Their unmistakable emblems,their streamlined ,feline-like bodies combine elegance with speed to make them the ultimate sports car. Let yourself be tempted by this...Oh,So.. British automobile.

Rent a 1971 Type E JAGUAR

At the end of the 60's , a decade seen as a blooming period for the automobile industry, the Type E Jaguar appeared as real phenomenon.  Supremely beautiful, capable of reaching a 240 kph speed, it became a reference and a symbol of the pure pleasure of driving. This particular automobile oozes speed, freedom and confidence. And the magic of its sleek hood...

Our cars are available through a specialized company arranging all necessary documents and required.

insurance:   Go on :  www.classic-rent.fr

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  • Postal code 33240
  • Mark: JAGUAR

You will be able to identify the two automobiles put at your disposal at the Domain of Freyche.